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We want to help you understand why you need computer security and how you can have it without spending on excessive licence fees where possible using free and open source software, like Linux instead of Windows as your client’s operating system. We are always happy to discuss your problems and may solve them for with just simple free advice you can follow yourself.  Old computers are mostly false economy, so we only look after business systems under five years old.

We give free advice and we are happy for you to watch us work, and love to tell you how to save money with secure computing. e.g. using free Anti Virus software from Microsoft for small businesses and open source software like Firefox with ad blocking for browsing the Internet. If you use Firefox and LibreOffice already on Windows using a Linux based OS like Ubuntu becomes easy.

SecurityBrad is the founder of the Secure IT Foundation, a not for profit group whose goal is to have secure computers ‘out of the box’ produced by the major vendors around the world and also publishes free security guides and advice from business security industry for the general public. SecurityBrad has advised government bodies, trained in computer forensics and helped produce global security standards for the commercial security sector.