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Brads Computer Service Station
Abraham Kuyperlaan 97A
3038PH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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About SecurityBrad

SecurityBrad has over ten years computer security experience, advising and securing major global companies, industry and government. The team has over one hundred years of experience with computers from ZX81s to Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and mainframes.

SecurityBrad includes the founder and main volunteer of the Secure IT Foundation, whose goals are to get manufacturers to supply secure computers ‘out of the box’, rated against a common standard for home computer security and used by security trained users who are prepared for a hostile Internet.

SecurityBrad is a member of and plus several other professional security organisations. SecurityBrad in conjunction with the Secure IT Foundation supported and was the Amsterdam representative in 2009. SecurityBrad is currently working on his own linux based secured and managed operating system called PrentOS.




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