Information Security Consultancy

Our core business is making your business more secure, less prone to risks and to established international standards as required, e.g. ISO 27001, SAS 70 etc

Wireless / Wired Network Security

  • Is your wireless network secure? Can hackers access your computer from the Internet? Let us check your security and make sure you are protected.

Backup service

  • We make regular copies of your computer and store it securely in multiple locations, away from your business in case of fire, flood or theft.

Virus / Spyware Removal

  • Think you have a virus, computers suddenly behaving differently or slowly then let the experts check your computer and your network for infections and remove any problems found. We are different as we will also help stop it re-occurring where possible through a combination of software updates and security education. We can also use intrusion detection and prevention systems to give you usable security information you may be currently missing.

Secure Data Deletion

  • For hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards with your information you need to securely destroy. Never give away or throw out computers without having your data removed for free by us!

Data Encryption

  • Stop your information being accessed if your computer is stolen, by encrypting your information.

Risk Assessment

  • We discuss your business security model with you and advise on what security measures you should take to minimise risks.

Domain Management

  • Want to own a domain name for your small business but do not want the world to know your personal information, we can manage it for you. Let us manage your privacy and you just manage your website.

Security Education Workshops

  • We offer several workshops on personal and computer security which can be tailored to your needs.

Other Services

  • Penetration testing for networks, web servers and clouds
  • Social engineering testing for the human risks
  • Password recovery for BIOS, Accounts, Files etc
  • Hard drive recovery, RAID reconstruction
  • Forensic / Internal investigations
  • Data Encryption consultancy
  • Data destruction and secure wiping services
  • Security Awareness education
  • ISO27001 Audit consultancy
  • Own site / Third Party Information Security auditing

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